Here I am going to share some advice to prepare you for your engagement session. A lot of planning and time goes into your wedding day, why would you not get beautiful portraits taken of you looking your very best! On the day of your wedding, there will be time constraints; the engagement session is your chance to relax and get comfortable with your photographer before your big day.

When shooting on location, you need to think about what kind of background would fit your personality. Such as, a field or garden tends to look more laid back, as opposed to an urban setting that is more formal. Try to get your engagement session taken about two months before your wedding day. This will allow time for retouching, making prints, and framing the portraits for your reception.

Here are my 10 tips for a successful engagement session:


1.      Bring the right person to your session. Is this person positive and uplifting? Bring someone who can provide lightness and laughter to your shoot. It is common to feel nervous about getting your picture taken, so bring along a friend or family member you can talk to and put you at easy is great. Just do not bring a group. Alternatively, if you will feel more at ease with no one watching, another option is to have the portraits taken with just you and the photographer.

2.      Leave your cell phones in the car. It is distracting to the photographer if your friend is snapping photos on their cell throughout the session. Trust me; you will enjoy the shoot a lot more without the distraction of texts, phone calls, and pictures.

3.      Stay out of the sun for a week before your session. Retouching a sunburn or tan lines is very hard in post-production. Even, natural skin looks much better in photographs. If you want to add a little color to your skin, use lotion with added tint.

4.      Hire a professional Make-Up and Hairstylist. After getting your makeup and hair done, look in the mirror to make sure the color of the skin on your face and body are the same. Sometimes your face can tend to be lighter than the rest of your body after getting makeup done.

5.      Time of day is crucial. Because many wedding dresses are made of reflective materials like satin and white, it is important that we choose the right time of day to reduce glare on the dress. We recommend two hours before sunset or early morning to get that glowing, gold light what photographers call the golden hour.

6.      The engagement session is a test for your wedding day. After you get your photographs back from the photographer, you will see if you need to make adjustments to your hair and make-up or you might find you need to alter your dress to fit differently.

7.      Drink plenty of water. Wedding dresses tend to be heavy, and you will most likely be on your feet for a while. Staying hydrated and eating snacks is vital.

8.      Do not bring a big blanket. Your wedding gown will not lay the same with a big piece of fabric underneath it; you can bring a pillow case for sitting on the ground. Think about it, how many times will you get to wear this dress? Twice! So have fun with it; run through the field, lay in the grass, do what feels natural. If a large blanket is involved, you will not be as mobile and free and may look stiff. Most bridal shops will let you bring the dress back for spot-cleaning.

9.      Bring some accessories. To add a little color and interest to your shoot, bring your bouquet, veil, and jewelry. Holding something in your hands or playing with an accessory adds interest and makes for a great shot.

10.  Be Confident. If a pose is not working your photographer will let you know and make adjustments. Instead of worrying about how you look, just enjoy the moment; the best photographs are created when you relax and feel comfortable. So enjoy yourself, and think about it often do you get to put on your wedding dress, get your hair and makeup done, and feel like a model?

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