The Gallery Vault, a student-run art gallery in downtown St. Cloud, held the opening to “Second to Last,” an art exhibit featuring the work of SCSU Fine Arts student Gavriella Aguilar on Thursday, March 26.

“Narrative potential in the subtleties of simple mundane tasks and materials, associated with an everyday domestic setting were shown in a new way,” Aguilar said.

Aguilar’s work featured different mundane and readily available objects in a household that relates to different individuals like items such as armchairs, coat hangers, and VHS tapes. She takes them out of context, and within a gallery space, creates narratives with them.

“I focus on means of identity, family relationships and how they can change if you apply these relationships to strangers,” Aguilar said.

She portrayed her work through photographs, as well as disassembling and rearranging various everyday household objects to find different uses for them.

“I am always fascinated to discover hidden truths and histories such mundane objects reveal about themselves and the individuals they represent,” Aguilar said. “I find such concrete materials and process especially rewarding, as they provide me with a sense of immediacy from which traditional mediums seems too far removed.”

She does not want people to view her work in a certain way when they come to her show, but to come up with their own conclusions.

“I really want people to bring their own experiences and make their own narratives with them,” Aguilar said. “There are a lot of things people will recognize.”

Aguilar started out painting and drawing, but after coming to SCSU she learned that she had to expand on her work.

“I am going to paint, but after coming here [SCSU] they said, ‘do installation work, break out of that standard mold of painting landscape,’” Aguilar continued. “I think my entire life I have been in that mold of making art.”

This led her to not identify herself by her medium, but instead by the concepts behind them.

This is Aguilar’s first solo show to display her work. She has done a few group shows in her college career, with another group show coming up at the end of April in Cambridge.


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