You are probably wondering whether having a blog is an important part of running a business. This is a question that is usually asked by small businesses who claim not to have the time or ability to write a blog. Blogging can be time-consuming, especially when you do not know what to write about.

Now even if you knew what to write about, you are probably wondering how many posts you would need to start seeing a return on your investment? You will likely not see a huge spike in your analytics after your first few posts. Although if you are consistent and produce quality content, you will start to see your business grow.

So, now you have decided that you will start a blog for your business, where do you start?

The first question people ask new to blogging is whether or not you need to host a blog on your site? The short answer is yes. You want to attract your potential customers to your website. There are more benefits for hosting your blog on your site that I will get into below.


  1. Increase in web traffic 

When you host your blog on your site and write for SEO, you will see an increase your ranking in search engines. Google, for example, has programs that crawl the internet looking for relevant content to show people who use their service. Now when you have your blog hosted on your site with high-quality content your site, you will rank higher.

Another benefit to self-hosting your blog is that Google does not want to show people old sites. When you consistently post to your blog, it adds more pages to your site to be indexed. This shows Google that your site is active and getting updated, which will improve your organic search. The more blog posts you have, the more chances you will have to rank.

While you want to add relevant keywords to the title and first few hundred words of your post to rank, you do not want to do what’s called keyword stuffing. That is when you use anything and everything to try and rank. Search engines do not like that; some will even push you down in rank for it. While you might increase your web traffic for a while with keyword stuffing what you will not increase is turning that web traffic into sales.  You only want to attract people who will use your services.

  1. Establish yourself as an expert

You want to be seen as an expert in your field, so you become the first choice of all your potential clients. Blogging will do that for your business if done efficiently.  You do this by writing a blog post that will answer questions your clients will have. Remember you are writing for your clients, not for a search engine. If you are a real-estate firm, you might write posts that a first-time home buyer might have. When you educate your client, they will feel more confident that you are an expert in your field and will be able to help them as opposed to someone else.

  1. Can be used to enhance your social media campaign

It can be hard to have an effective social media campaign if you do not have any high-quality content to promote. Luckily you started a blog that can be used for that purpose.  Another good way to establish yourself as an expert is using social media and promote your blog posts. You will drive traffic to your site and with your blog turn that traffic into high quality leads.

  1. A blog provides a personal touch to your brand

Blogging gives you a way to humanize your brand. Your post allows you to interact with your clients and address concerns they might have. Doing so build trust and you become more than just another faceless company.  While it is just as important to have a great website, your blog will always be able to show your human side the best.

  1. Blogging will help increase your inbound links

Getting inbound links to your site without a blog is hard. A blog with high-quality posts provides information that other people will want to like back too. When you blog that will allow others who blog to have content they can link back too. These links are relevant to SEO. When a bot see that another site has a link to your site in will register you as an authority and will raise you in rank.


The bottom line is that blogging on your company’s website is one of the best ways to establish yourself as an expert in your field. In today’s digital marketing a blog is not just a passing thought it is a need for a successful business. Blogging for a small business will help you compete with big companies that have large advertising budgets.



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