Soon Instagram will roll out a new feature. Slideshows are coming soon to an Instagram near you.  At the time of this writing, only advertisers can publish multiple photos in a single post.

This would be an excellent feature, but I do not think it will be used by everyone. Beyond advertisers, I see this feature mostly being used by the journalist. Sharing multiple photos in a single post would be great when you are sharing breaking news.

Users for the new feature

The big-name celebs on Instagram that get paid to post content and other influencers probably will not get much use out of it. Instagrammers with many followers typically post a max of three times a day to get as much engagement out of their content that they can.

Droid Life and Philip Chang first reported the new beta update. Currently, it is still buggy and is only available on Android. Once the bugs get worked out hopefully Instagram will allow us to schedule posts, which I believe can be of great use to influencers.

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