The white borders on Snapchat Stories are coming to an end.

A new update made a change to how photos are uploaded to Stories. Pictures and videos from Snapchat’s Memories will no longer have a white border along the edges.

In the past Snapchat has allowed users to share photos from their Camera Roll to their Story since memories were released in 2015. Photos that you upload to Stories from your phone will have a white border, which informs users that they were not created in the last 24 hours.

Snapchat wants to let viewers know that content they were viewing was older; it irritated many users who did not want their content to be altered. Discouraging some users from uploading content that they would upload to other platforms. The main one being Instagram Stories launched last year.

Now, photos from Memories that were not initially made within Snapchat will not have a white border when you add snaps to your story. Camera Roll photos imported to Snapchat will continue to appear with the white border. Snaps will still be dated in memories subtly alerting users when the content was created.

The update is forcing users to choose what they want. Such as posting borderless images, or use their iPhone’s native camera app which does capture higher quality photos, but will add a border.

Instagram’s approach to old photos in Stories lets you post any photo less than 24 hours old to your story without a border. This method allows you to use the iPhone camera app and still have the ability to share old content.

The update allows brands and other influencers that try hard to avoid white borders in their marketing. Now they just have to take all their photos in the Snapchat camera. It is a good move since it will keep people using Snapchat more, increasing the amount of money Snapchat can generate from ad revenue.


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